Cairnhill is a mixed farming enterprise incorporating livestock rearing and crop growing.  Over the generations, the farm has grown and now encompasses four farms covering 650 acres, all run alongside the butchery business from the home farm base at Cairnhill.

The beef herd is mainly Angus and Limousin crosses finished on the farm, while the pigs are British Saddleback and Peetrie cross bred.

Our cattle and pigs live relaxed and natural lives in a perfect environment on a healthy and well-balanced diet (free from artificial hormones, growth promoters and antibiotics). The cattle live outside for most of the year, except during exceptional wet weather in midwinter, when they are moved into warm straw-filled barns.

We also grow arable crops such as wheat, barley potatoes and beans which are used for animal feeding (made to Alex's own special recipe).

Picture shows three generations of Paton farmers!

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